Iowa Insurance Adjustors: The Opposition in your Workmen’s Compensation Case

If you are injured at work, depending on the circumstances, you are typically entitled to worker’s compensation from your employer.  Shortly after filing your claim, you will be confronted by an insurance adjustor – do you know the role of the insurance adjustor?

Insurance Adjustor – Friend or Foe?

The insurance adjustor works for the worker’s compensation insurance company.  His primary role is to determine what benefits you are entitled to, if any.  The insurance adjustor stays in close contact with you from the start of your injury all the way through recovery.  The insurance adjustor DOES NOT work for you, he is not required and probably will not inform you of your benefits or help you in any way, shape or form.  The insurance adjustor is not on your side of the claim; he wants to do everything possible to minimize your benefits in order to save the insurance company money.

The Role of the Insurance Adjustor

When you file a worker’s compensation claim in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, you are immediately assigned to an insurance adjustor from the insurance company.  The insurance adjustor will contact you very soon after the accident to interview you – typically over the phone, regarding your injury.  What you say to the insurance adjustor can help or hurt your worker’s compensation claim.  Every time you make contact with the insurance adjustor, you are affecting your claim.  Even when you are not actually in contact with the adjustor, he could be watching your every move – waiting for you to do something that you stated was outside of your physical capabilities due to your work injury.  The insurance adjustor’s job is to immediately accept or deny your worker’s compensation claim – and then to follow it through all the way to recovery, all the while he is looking for a reason to terminate your benefits.

Insurance Adjustors are not your Advocate

Even if your insurance adjustor acts like he is on your side – he is not and you need to watch what you say to them and how you act.  It is important to have an advocate on your side – someone to speak for you that is knowledgeable in worker’s compensation claims in Iowa and how to get you the compensation that you are entitled to.

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About Corey Walker

Corey Walker has received various awards for his work as an attorney, including a 10 out of 10 superb rating from Avvo and an exclusive membership into the top 100 trial lawyers with The National Trial Lawyers Organization. Corey believes in providing free and reliable resources to injured workers and their families regarding the workers' compensation process, and dedicates himself to protecting their rights to fair treatment and compensation for their injuries. Mr. Walker possesses a keen understanding of the delicate nature of work comp cases, and therefore, fights to ensure the futures of his clients are safeguarded from physical and financial distress.

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