Importance of Hiring an Attorney for a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Every year thousands of workers’ compensation claims are filed in Iowa. Unfortunately, many injured workers do not receive the compensation and benefits they deserve simply because insurance companies try to reduce claim value or avoid paying the worker altogether. This is why hiring an attorney is so important for a lot of workers. 

Reasons to Hire an Attorney 

Fighting a workers’ compensation claim is much more than just gathering evidence to prove an accident had taken place at the workplace or furnishing medical reports to corroborate the severity or duration of injuries. While these can be challenges associated with filing a claim, other issues also affect the claims process. 

The following reasons make clear the importance of hiring an attorney: 

  • The injured worker has to take on a large insurance company. In most cases, a workers’ compensation case is a battle between two unequal entities—an individual versus a large insurance company. It is in the interest of the insurance company not to pay damages and to serve this end, it may attempt to reduce claim value. An attorney can bring his or her legal knowledge to justify the worker’s claim for compensation to drive toward a fair, more reasonable settlement.
  • The injured worker may not be able to gather the critical pieces of evidence. An individual who has suffered an injury at the workplace may not be physically and/or emotionally capable of scouting around for pieces of evidence to corroborate claims of injury and strengthen the case.
  • A workers’ compensation attorney on the other hand, can not only extract the relevant and crucial pieces of evidence but can also analyze and string these together to form a convincing case.
  • The injured worker may not be well-versed in the nuances of workers’ compensation laws. It is natural for a layman not to know or to find it difficult to understand the nuances of workers’ compensation laws.
  • There are statutes of limitations for a workers’ compensation claim that specify the time within which an injured worker must file the claim (two years), and other limitations specifying when certain steps must be taken. Furthermore, filing a claim involves filling out many forms and even the slightest mistake in these documents can cause the claim to be rejected.
  • Workers’ compensation disputes necessitate a new process. If a workers’ compensation claim is denied or the worker and the insurance company otherwise enter a dispute, an appeal must be made to the Workers’ Compensation Commission. From there it may enter the state court system. Having an attorney to help navigate this additional legal process can ensure it is  properly managed. 

The aforementioned factors compel injured workers to hire workers’ compensation attorneys. Entrusting a workers’ comp case to professionals allows the worker ample time to recover from injuries and ensures that the case is handled properly throughout the claims process. 

Hire a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Des Moines 

Walker, Billingsley, and Bair can help workplace injury victims in Des Moines with an initial workers’ comp claim or a dispute. Call us at 888-792-3595 to set up your appointment and get started on your claim.

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Corey Walker has received various awards for his work as an attorney, including a 10 out of 10 superb rating from Avvo and an exclusive membership into the top 100 trial lawyers with The National Trial Lawyers Organization. Corey believes in providing free and reliable resources to injured workers and their families regarding the workers' compensation process, and dedicates himself to protecting their rights to fair treatment and compensation for their injuries. Mr. Walker possesses a keen understanding of the delicate nature of work comp cases, and therefore, fights to ensure the futures of his clients are safeguarded from physical and financial distress.

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