Work Accident Prevention

How Wellness Programs can Help to Decrease Iowa Workman’s Comp Claims

Companies everywhere are quickly turning to instilling wellness programs into their companies in order to decrease the number of workman’s compensation claims that are occurring. The benefits of a wellness program in the workplace include: Increasing the happiness and health of employees Keeping the costs of workman’s comp down Decreasing medical insurance premiums A wellness program can include risk assessments that each employee goes through to determine what medical challenges they are facing or might face in the near future. Employees that are overweight, overly stressed, use tobacco or alcohol or do not have good nutritional habits pose a higher risk than those employees that do not fall into this category. Employees that are at higher risk are those that are more likely to suffer ... Read More »

How to Prevent Workplace Slip and Fall Accidents in Iowa

Slip and fall accidents are the number one cause of workmen’s compensation claims in Iowa as well as the rest of the country. With more than 1,000,000 cases every year, it is important to understand the ways that employers and employees can work together to help prevent these types of accidents from occurring. What Employers Should Do It is the responsibility of employers to provide a safe place for employees to work. This includes consistent monitoring of all workspaces to ensure that every space is safe for employees at all times. There are a variety of reasons that slip and fall accidents occur including defects in the structure of the workspace, working with slippery substances that do not get cleaned up and even the various ... Read More »

How Likely are You to Suffer a Workman’s Comp Injury in Iowa?

When you provide a safe workplace for your employees not only do you preserve their health and well being, but you also save your company large amounts of money.  When employees and employers work together, they can make their workplace safe for everyone involved. Identify Hazards It takes more than walking around your plant, factory or other place of business to determine where all of the hazards are located. Some of the most dangerous issues are not obvious to people that do not deal with them on an everyday basis. While it is important for business owners and managers to have a keen eye on their business, it is just as important to ask the employees that work in the elements everyday about the dangers ... Read More »

Avoiding Slip and Fall Accidents in the Healthcare Industry in Iowa

The healthcare industry is probably the one place where you would think safety is the number one priority.  To some degree, it is. However, many reports show how worker’s comp injuries originate from people in this occupation, even more than the most hazardous professions. In reality, people in the healthcare industry have the same safety issues as others. Unfortunately, many are so preoccupied with their patient’s well-being, that they overlook the simple things. These types of habits are the number one cause for worker’s comp injury cases in the healthcare industry in Iowa. Doctors and nurses move with quick speeds, leading to unnecessary slips, trips and falls. Tips to Stay Safe When working in the healthcare business, you must remember how necessary you are. You ... Read More »

Exercising Care to Avoid Heat Exhaustion at Work in Iowa

Heat exhaustion should be cause for serious concern, especially for those that consistently work outside in the hot summer heat. Heat exhaustion can lead to worker’s compensation claims if they are serious enough – and especially if workers believe that the employer did not make every effort to prevent the problem. It is the employer’s responsibility to provide a safe working environment for all employees – taking all precautions and providing everything necessary to prevent injury or illness. Who Does Heat Exhaustion Affect? Heat exhaustion is not only a problem for outdoor workers. In the most basic terms, the condition means that the body is dehydrated and beginning to shut down, which can happen in hot or humid indoor workplaces as well as outdoors. Drinking ... Read More »

Ames Plumbers: Your Hearing is at Risk

When you think of workmen’s compensation claims, you probably think of sudden accidents that result in broken bones, ruptured discs in the back or other injuries that are immediately apparent.  One injury that happens over time that plumbers in Ames, Iowa really need to be aware of is hearing loss.  Plumbers are susceptible to noise-induced hearing loss, which accounts for almost half of the workmen’s compensation claims that plumbers file.  Hearing loss is preventable when the proper steps are taken.  The downside to noise-induced hearing loss is that once it occurs it cannot be reversed, which is why there is such stress put on its prevention.  While it is not only plumbers that are at risk for hearing loss on the job, they are at ... Read More »

Iowa Workmen’s Compensation Claims in the Retail Industry

Workmen’s compensation claims are typically thought of in terms of construction, warehousing and other labor intensive jobs where employees are falling, slipping and otherwise hurting themselves.  A very real industry that causes many people to file a workmen’s compensation claim is the retail industry.  Getting Hurt in Retail Employees in the retail industry are at as high of a risk of getting hurt on the job as any other industry. Many stores require employees to climb ladders, shelves, platforms and stairs all of which pose a threat to the safety of the employees whether due to negligence on the employer’s behalf or just by having an accident.  Retail employees can also suffer accidents getting in and out of a company vehicle or while loading or ... Read More »

Some Iowa Work Injuries Can be Fatal

There are a great number of Iowa industries that put employees at grave risk for serious injuries that could unfortunately result in death.  Injuries that include being struck by/against something are extremely dangerous for employees today as well as injuries that result from flying objects from above.  Knowing how to prevent these accidents from occurring is the best way to make sure that you stay safe. While any industry can pose a threat to an employee’s safety, there are certain industries such as the construction industry that prove to be extremely dangerous for employees.  Any industry that involves you walking where any type of work above you is being performed or where heavy machinery or tools are used puts you at risk for a serious ... Read More »

The Dangers of Being Struck in the Head at Work in Cedar Rapids

Closed head injuries are very common at the workplace in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  A closed head injury can occur at any job but there are a few jobs that it is a very real threat.  Among the jobs with the highest threat are construction workers, laborers, roofers, painters and drivers to name a few.  Employees at Barr-Nunn Transportation, Jacobsen Transportation, UPS and FedEx know that they could get a head injury while on the job. A closed head injury occurs when there is no visible injury to the head, but there is damage to the brain and surrounding tissue, typically occurring from an object falling that strikes a worker in the head.  The effects of a closed head injury can be very serious even without ... Read More »

Iowa Construction Workers Beware of Injuries on the Job

The construction industry is one of the top five industries for workman’s compensation cases.  Construction workers in Marshalltown, Ft. Dodge, and Algona Iowa put their lives and health at risk on a daily basis.  They are constantly at risk for serious injury that could alter their life and their income producing ability a great deal.  There are literally hundreds of ways that construction workers can get hurt on the job, but some of the more common ways include: Falls – Since construction workers constantly have to work at great heights, their risk for falling is very high as well.  If the proper supervision or safe equipment is not provided to complete the tall order, a construction worker is very susceptible to falling down and suffering ... Read More »

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