Work Injuries

Types of Doctors for a Work Injury in Iowa

As per Iowa laws, if you suffer an injury on the job and pursue workers’ compensation benefits, you are limited in which doctors you can see. Your employer has the right to select your doctor for a work injury. If you elect to see your own doctor or any doctor your employer or its insurance company didn’t approve, workers’ compensation will not cover it.  Seeing a Specialist for a Work Injury in Iowa  In many cases, your injuries may be such that you require a specialist. If this is the case, you must get permission to see one prior to your appointment. Without a referral from your tending company physician or your employer, workers’ compensation won’t cover specialist visits.  Our firm primarily handles workers’ compensation ... Read More »

Obtaining Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Shoulder Pain from Work

Shoulder pain from work can occur from a sudden traumatic incident, such as contact with a blunt force, or from repetitive use. Injuries can range from discomfort to debilitating, and greatly impede a worker’s range of motion and ability to perform job duties. If not treated and cared for properly – and sometimes if even if the worker receives the best treatment – a shoulder injury can have long-term implications and cause a worker to be more susceptible to re-injury.  Common Types of Shoulder Injuries  The shoulder provides an incredible range of motion. The joint is surrounded by tendons, muscles, and nerves that enable you to lift, rotate, and bend. Any of the body structures that comprise or surround the shoulder can become damaged. Sometimes, ... Read More »

Celebrate Fall Prevention Awareness Week by Learning How to Prevent Workplace Falls

Fall Prevention Awareness Week is scheduled to take place September 23 through 29. As a high number of falls, every year occurs within the workplace—ranging from the construction industry to the retail industry—learning how to prevent on-the-job falls is paramount for both employees and employers. Here’s what you need to know:  Elderly Workers at Higher Risk  Elderly persons who are still within the workforce may be at greater likelihood of fall injuries than are their younger counterparts. Older adults can reduce their risk of falls (both in the workplace and at home) by doing the following.  Exercising regularly to build bone and muscle strength Staying aware of any medications that may cause dizziness or drowsiness Having their eyes checked regularly  Employers can help to reduce ... Read More »

National Farm Safety and Health Week 2015 is September 20-26

Working on a farm is an important job that is vital to the economy. But working on a farm can also be dangerous; in 2013 in Iowa, the agricultural sector (along with forestry, fishing, and hunting areas) saw the largest number of work-related fatalities. What’s more, management occupations had the highest number of fatal work injuries in the state that year, with the majority of those fatally wounded being farmers and ranchers.  Farm and agricultural safety are incredibly critical. Through September 20-26 2015, Iowa will be celebrating National Farm Safety and Health Week.  National Farm Safety and Health Week 2015  National Farm Safety and Health Week seeks to promote awareness about agricultural safety. The theme for this year’s National Farm Safety and Health Week is, ... Read More »

Studies: Workers Who Fear Being Fired after Injury Have Poorer Outcomes

A study conducted by the Workers’ Compensation and Research Institute examined key outcomes achieved by injured workers in Iowa and 11 other states. The study not only found that many workers have a fear of being fired after injury and that this fear may result in a longer rehabilitation period with multiple relapses.  Profile of Injured Workers in Iowa  In Iowa, the study provided a unique profile of injured workers. For example, 29 percent of the injured workers involved in the study were at or nearing retirement age. What’s more, eight percent of injured workers said that they had a different work injury in the two years prior to the study. While the vast majority of employees reported being satisfied with their jobs, 39 percent ... Read More »

4 Common Computer-Related Injuries Office Workers Develop

Office workers and any others that spend a good portion of each day working on the computer are subject to numerous types of repetitive stress injuries or computer-related injuries. Poor posture; non-ergonomic workspace; and sitting hunched over a screen, performing the same movements for hours on end puts added stress and strain on the body.  Our firm handles all types of workers’ compensation claims, including those for employees suffering from computer-related conditions. Below are four of the most common types of occupational injuries they face.  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome  Many people who work on computers develop carpal tunnel syndrome, a condition that affects the hands and wrist. It’s caused by pressure on the median nerve, which begins at the shoulder and runs down the arm, all ... Read More »

When considering eligibility for workers’ compensation benefits, do only serious injuries qualify?

Our firm receives calls all the time from workers wanting to learn about eligibility for workers’ compensation. Do relatively minor injuries such as crushed fingers, sprains, and lacerations qualify a worker for benefits? While the severity of your injury does come into play when qualifying for benefits, the decisive question isn’t so much “How severe is your injury?” but rather, “Are you still able to work, and if so, can you still work in the same capacity?”  Unemployment insurance replaces part of the income workers lose when they become unemployed through no fault of their own. Employers pay the money for unemployment benefits. The Unemployment Insurance Services Division at IWD maintains the Iowa Unemployment Compensation Trust Fund, and makes payments to eligible persons.  Understanding the ... Read More »

Business Travel Safety Tips

Traveling for business can be an exciting experience that allows you to see new parts of the world or the country on the company’s dime. But traveling—both in country and out of it—can also have its dangers. From transportation accidents to muggings and more, here are some business travel safety tips.  Keep Your Belongings Secure  One of the easiest ways to prevent theft while traveling is to keep your belongings in a secure location. From never leaving your bag unattended to keeping your wallet in your front pocket rather than your rear, if your items of value aren’t accessible, it’s less likely that someone will make a grab for them. Also, if you’re traveling abroad—particularly in more impoverished countries—don’t show off your valuables; jewelry and ... Read More »

Injured in a Warehouse? Iowa Workers’ Compensation Options

Warehouse workers face myriad safety hazards on a daily basis. Even with excellent training and mindfulness of safety practices, being injured in a warehouse accident is possible – and happens frequently. For every 100 warehouse workers, an average of five of them will be hurt on the job, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Some of the accidents prove fatal. In 2013, 17 warehouse workers lost their lives in job-related accidents, a 30 percent increase from the prior year.  Workplace Hazards in Warehouses  Warehouses and industrial sites are laden with hazards, from heavy equipment to chemicals. Strict safety protocols, employee safety training and wearing hardhats can reduce the risk of injury for workers. Some of the most common hazards and causes of warehouse ... Read More »

Work outside? July is National UV Safety Month

The heat of summer signals beach and pool time for many families across the nation but it’s also a cause of concern for those who work outside on a regular basis. Without protection, exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays can begin to damage the skin in only 15 minutes. July is National UV Safety Month, an initiative that reminds everyone including outdoor-based employees of the dangers of excessive exposure to UV rays and the importance of adequate protection.  Workers Most at Risk for UV-related Illnesses  Skin damage, heat exhaustion, and skin cancer are some of the potential effects outdoor workers experience in the summer. Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in America; approximately 20 percent of people will develop it, according to Quest ... Read More »

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