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Disagree with the Doctor’s Impairment Rating? You Have Options

When a doctor hands down an impairment rating that is inconsistent with how a seriously injured employee feels, emotions like helplessness, outrage and hopelessness can occur.  Struggling to convey the severity of something like chronic back pain can catapult injured workers into new realms of worry as they ponder thoughts of returning to work only to be unable to complete necessary tasks. Iowa law allows workers in Des Moines recourse if they disagree with the rating. Asking for a second opinion on an impairment rating, for instance, is not uncommon, and some may request a hearing with the Workers’ Compensation Commissioner.  Get a Second Opinion  Iowa Code 85.27 states that injured employees seeking workers’ compensation have a right to seek a second opinion from a ... Read More »

Choosing a Medical Provider for a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Iowa

Some states allow employees to choose their own medical providers after a work injury. Iowa is not one of those states. In Iowa, injured workers will have to see a company-selected doctor if the expenses are to be covered under the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance.  Finding a Doctor under Your Employer’s Workers’ Comp Insurance  The best way to locate a doctor under your workers’ comp benefit plan will be to ask your employer or the insurance company for a list of acceptable providers. Employers have a list of approved local practices they can give you from which you can select a provider.  It’s appropriate to note that not all company doctors have patients’ best interests at the forefront of their minds. Some doctors know they ... Read More »

Treatment Options for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder from a Work Injury at Work in Iowa

If you have received a work injury at work in Iowa, you might be dealing with more than the pain from the injury and getting through physical therapy. In many cases the injury, hospital stay, surgery and therapy afterward causes a mix of emotions which can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is classified as an anxiety disorder that can present itself after something traumatizing occurs, including a serious accident or injury. Causes and Risk Factors Post-traumatic stress disorders can occur after any type of traumatic event including suffering a traumatic incident at your workplace. After getting injured at work, you more than likely spent a lot of time in and out of the hospital getting treatments, surgeries and physical therapy. This ... Read More »

Iowa Injury Attorney Explains A Worker’s Compensation Medical Exam

When you are injured at work, there are a variety of steps you have to take in order to obtain worker’s compensation. The first and most obvious step is to inform your employer of your injury. The earlier that you do this step, the more likely you are to have worker’s compensation benefits. After you inform your employer, he will inform the insurance company of your claim. The process then lies in the hand of the insurance company. More than likely they will launch an investigation into your injury as well as send you for a worker’s compensation medical exam. This exam is very important and could determine whether or not you receive your benefits. The Exam The medical exam is meant to take a ... Read More »

Can the Insurance Company Get My Prior Medical Records after an Injury at Work?

Your employer’s insurance company can and will go through your prior medical records to try to find a way to deny your claim. In these cases, however, solid medical testimony stating that your injury at work has either aggravated or accelerated a pre-existing condition will usually resolve any major disputes. How to Protect Yourself Your employer has the right to choose a doctor for you after your injury at work. Most likely, this doctor will not know your prior medical history, so you should provide your physician with a specific and accurate medical history. This includes telling the doctor what the condition felt like prior to the accident, particularly if you went through a period with no major problems. Describe how the pain feels and ... Read More »

Taking Advantage of Medical Care After Your Injury at Work in Iowa

If you suffer an injury at work in Iowa, then your employer has the obligation to provide you with free medical care.  This includes paying for all of your medical bills and even reimbursing you for mileage as you drive back and forth to the clinic or rehabilitation center.  To receive these benefits, you must report your injury at work within 90 days after it happens. Some employees, however, make some serious mistakes related to medical care. These mistakes not only hurt their chances of receiving workers’ compensation but also decrease the likelihood of healing from injury.  Some of these mistakes include: Failure to Go to the Doctor—If you need medical care related to an injury at work, then you need to see a doctor.  ... Read More »

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