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What are 5 Risks of Not Having an Iowa Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Review Your Iowa Work Injury Claim

Since 1997, I have represented hundreds of injured workers in Iowa and unfortunately many have had me review there case after they reached an agreement with the insurance company.  If you decide to not have a qualified Iowa Workers’ Compensation lawyer review your case there are at least 5 risks you are facing and they include: 1. Letting the time limits expire.  Iowa’s workers compensation laws have specific legal requirements for a worker to provide notice to the employer of the work injury (usually it is 90 days from the date of when the injured worker knew or should have known that they sustained a work related injury subject to some exceptions).  Other time limits commonly referred to as statutes of limitations also apply.  These ... Read More »

Can filing a workers’ compensation claim harm my boss’s Des Moines business?

If you suffered a workplace injury, you are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Your employer’s worker’s compensation insurance, not your employer, will pay you benefits if you are eligible. Your employer typically will not face any penalties either, unless it is in violation of state or federal law. Read on to learn more about how workers’ compensation protects employers and under what circumstances an employer may actually suffer some degree of harm. Employers Must Maintain Workers’ Compensation Insurance By law, most employers in Iowa must carry workers’ compensation insurance that pays workers benefits if they sustain injuries while on the job. There are few exceptions. Employers who fail to do so may face both civil as well as criminal penalties. Thus, it benefits employers to ... Read More »

How Car Insurance Benefits Can Impact Workers’ Comp for Injuries from a Work-Related Car Accident

When a work-related car accident causes injuries, there can be some confusion as to how insurance benefits will impact it. Questions may arise concerning whether one should file a workers’ compensation claim or file an injury claim against the other driver.  Determining the Type of Claim to File after a Work-Related Car Accident  Much of this will depend on fault. A claim can only be filed against the other driver if he/she was at fault. Whereas a claim for workers’ compensation doesn’t matter who was at fault. When the other driver was negligent, workers should pursue both types of claims.  But first workers must consider whether this was truly a work-related accident. Even if it was a company car, if someone was driving to or from ... Read More »

How Social Media Can Ruin your Workmen’s Comp Case in Iowa

When filing for workmen’s comp benefits, the insurance company is always skeptical of the situation.  Due to so many cases of insurance fraud, they worry money is being handed out to individuals that do not deserve it.  This can cause millions of dollars to be handed out that should go to individuals who need the money.  In order to retrieve some of their money, they often resort to hiring detectives or doing research on workers that claim injury themselves.  They are willing to spend time and money to obtain information to recover thousands of dollars in losses. Getting Information One of the best ways to find out personal information about a person collecting workmen’s comp benefits is through social media sites.  Even with various privacy ... Read More »

Can My Employer Fire Me If I Am Hurt at Work in Iowa?

In Iowa, employers have the freedom to fire workers for any reason or for no reason at all. However, your employer has many compelling reasons to work with you as you recover from your work accident. By taking care of every obligation on your side, you will make it more difficult for your employer to terminate your employment. Make sure that you show up for every doctor’s appointment and that you complete all necessary paperwork on time. Also, if the doctor clears you for light duty, be sure to report to work. If your employer doesn’t have light work for you to perform, then your employer has to continue paying disability benefits until you are cleared to return to your old job.  If you’ve already ... Read More »

Don’t Let Social Media Ruin your Iowa Worker’s Compensation Case

Today everyone is very dependent on technology, especially social media.  Unfortunately this undermines our right for privacy and confidentiality.  Anything that you post into your social media account is now a free for all for anyone to see – especially spying insurance adjustors that are looking for any reason to stop your worker’s compensation benefits.  In days past, insurance adjustors had to resort to following the injured person with a video camera to try to catch them participating in an activity that they claim their injury stops them from doing.  This is how insurance adjustors used to deny worker’s compensation benefits, but social media today makes it much easier for them to spy on you right from their own computer. All Social Media Sites are ... Read More »

Can the Insurance Company Get My Prior Medical Records after an Injury at Work?

Your employer’s insurance company can and will go through your prior medical records to try to find a way to deny your claim. In these cases, however, solid medical testimony stating that your injury at work has either aggravated or accelerated a pre-existing condition will usually resolve any major disputes. How to Protect Yourself Your employer has the right to choose a doctor for you after your injury at work. Most likely, this doctor will not know your prior medical history, so you should provide your physician with a specific and accurate medical history. This includes telling the doctor what the condition felt like prior to the accident, particularly if you went through a period with no major problems. Describe how the pain feels and ... Read More »

7 Qualities of a Good Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Iowa

Workers who suffer accident work related injuries at Jeld-Wen, Donaldson or Grinnell College often want representation from a good workers’ compensation attorney in Iowa.  However, searching for an attorney can be a confusing process. Here are some of the qualities of a good attorney who may be able to help you with your case: Experience. You will want to make sure that your attorney has actually tried a number of cases before the Iowa Workers’ Compensation Board. Good attorneys should be able to offer you examples of their cases and lists of significant settlements they have earned. Knowledge. The best attorneys work on cases primarily in workers’ compensation law. They spend at least 40 percent of their time dealing with accidents work related injuries and ... Read More »

Six Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Iowa Attorney

An attorney Iowa residents can trust to handle their work injury matter will be able to answer these six questions in a positive way. Residents of cities like Oskaloosa, Humboldt and Manchester should go through these questions with any Iowa attorney before making up their minds: Do you have experience trying workers’ compensation cases?  The best attorneys will have previously tried cases before the workers’ compensation commission.  They will also be able to provide you with a list of decisions and settlements that they have won for their clients. Do you practice primarily in workers compensation cases? Attorneys have to spend 40 percent of their time practicing workers’ compensation law each year, and they have to take 15 hours of continuing education classes, to certify ... Read More »

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