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Success for Teens Book Inspires Attorney to Make a Difference in Teens’ Lives

Attorney Corey Walker is making a positive impact in teens’ lives and helping them strive for brighter futures. Walker read the SUCCESS for Teens book after learning of it in SUCCESS magazine. The book helps young people set goals and chart paths to accomplish them. He was so impressed by the book’s message that he read it with his own teenagers and started an outreach program for teens in the Des Moines area based on the book.  About SUCCESS for Teens  The easy-to-read book provides kids with principles and guidelines that give them an edge in life. It guides them through steps to create goals in each aspect of their lives, offers encouragement and real-life examples, and serves as a major source of inspiration.  Executive ... Read More »

Chronic Pain Workman’s Comp Injuries in Iowa are Increasing

Everyone experiences chronic pain and one time or another. When the chronic pain is a result of your job, you might have the right to file for workman’s compensation benefits in Pella, Iowa. Chronic pain is defined as a pain that gets worse with time rather than better. Those that suffer from chronic pain eventually find that they are unable to perform their job like they used to, resulting in the need for a workman’s comp claim. Those that do not address their chronic pain and simply “work through it” only serve to make their condition worse and put themselves at risk for permanent disability. Types of Chronic Pain There are various ways that chronic pain can present itself, but the most common include headaches, ... Read More »

Iowa Workers Learn More About the Link Between Overtime and Depression

Today’s economy has caused many companies to downsize.  Many companies in Cedar Rapids, Marshalltown and Ft. Dodge have had lay-offs or shutdowns.  While it is very sad for the employees that have had to lose their job as a result of the poor economy, the employees that are left are subjected to much greater stresses than they were in the past. The reduced number of employees puts greater strain on those that are still employed. The business still needs to be run, regardless of the number of employees in the company. This results in employees having various tasks that they did not have before. If this results in employees working many more hours, they could be subjected to depression and even anxiety as a result. ... Read More »

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