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Corey Walker has received various awards for his work as an attorney, including a 10 out of 10 superb rating from Avvo and an exclusive membership into the top 100 trial lawyers with The National Trial Lawyers Organization. Corey believes in providing free and reliable resources to injured workers and their families regarding the workers' compensation process, and dedicates himself to protecting their rights to fair treatment and compensation for their injuries. Mr. Walker possesses a keen understanding of the delicate nature of work comp cases, and therefore, fights to ensure the futures of his clients are safeguarded from physical and financial distress.

How You Can Avoid 7 Common Costly Mistakes In Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

Each year thousands of Iowans are hurt at work, but unfortunately many make common costly mistakes which could have been avoided.  We will expose some of these and tell you how you can avoid making one or more of them.  These are based upon more than 100 years of combined experience and having successfully represented hundreds of injured workers: FAILING TO TIMELY SEEK MEDICAL TREATMENT– If you have been hurt while working, one of the most important parts of your case is your medical treatment and the medical records that your doctors, physical therapists, etc. prepare. If you delay or don’t bother seeking medical treatment not only will you not receive proper medical care, but it can be used against you by the insurance company ... Read More »

Getting Hurt at Work Can Cause Troubled Times

Getting hurt at work can be scary, confusing and financially damaging to you and your family.  We would like to share some information with you so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not you need legal help.  After having successfully represented hundreds of injured workers for more than 20 years, here are few examples of what we have seen: Your employer and their insurance company may not promptly provide you with medical care. They may delay or refuse to provide testing like a MRI or ask for you to be sent for a 2nd opinion or IME examination before they will approve more care.  There is a process called alternative medical care that you can use to speed the process along ... Read More »

What are 5 Risks of Not Having an Iowa Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Review Your Iowa Work Injury Claim

Since 1997, I have represented hundreds of injured workers in Iowa and unfortunately many have had me review there case after they reached an agreement with the insurance company.  If you decide to not have a qualified Iowa Workers’ Compensation lawyer review your case there are at least 5 risks you are facing and they include: 1. Letting the time limits expire.  Iowa’s workers compensation laws have specific legal requirements for a worker to provide notice to the employer of the work injury (usually it is 90 days from the date of when the injured worker knew or should have known that they sustained a work related injury subject to some exceptions).  Other time limits commonly referred to as statutes of limitations also apply.  These ... Read More »

Types of Doctors for a Work Injury in Iowa

As per Iowa laws, if you suffer an injury on the job and pursue workers’ compensation benefits, you are limited in which doctors you can see. Your employer has the right to select your doctor for a work injury. If you elect to see your own doctor or any doctor your employer or its insurance company didn’t approve, workers’ compensation will not cover it.  Seeing a Specialist for a Work Injury in Iowa  In many cases, your injuries may be such that you require a specialist. If this is the case, you must get permission to see one prior to your appointment. Without a referral from your tending company physician or your employer, workers’ compensation won’t cover specialist visits.  Our firm primarily handles workers’ compensation ... Read More »

Obtaining Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Shoulder Pain from Work

Shoulder pain from work can occur from a sudden traumatic incident, such as contact with a blunt force, or from repetitive use. Injuries can range from discomfort to debilitating, and greatly impede a worker’s range of motion and ability to perform job duties. If not treated and cared for properly – and sometimes if even if the worker receives the best treatment – a shoulder injury can have long-term implications and cause a worker to be more susceptible to re-injury.  Common Types of Shoulder Injuries  The shoulder provides an incredible range of motion. The joint is surrounded by tendons, muscles, and nerves that enable you to lift, rotate, and bend. Any of the body structures that comprise or surround the shoulder can become damaged. Sometimes, ... Read More »

Celebrate Fall Prevention Awareness Week by Learning How to Prevent Workplace Falls

Fall Prevention Awareness Week is scheduled to take place September 23 through 29. As a high number of falls, every year occurs within the workplace—ranging from the construction industry to the retail industry—learning how to prevent on-the-job falls is paramount for both employees and employers. Here’s what you need to know:  Elderly Workers at Higher Risk  Elderly persons who are still within the workforce may be at greater likelihood of fall injuries than are their younger counterparts. Older adults can reduce their risk of falls (both in the workplace and at home) by doing the following.  Exercising regularly to build bone and muscle strength Staying aware of any medications that may cause dizziness or drowsiness Having their eyes checked regularly  Employers can help to reduce ... Read More »

National Farm Safety and Health Week 2015 is September 20-26

Working on a farm is an important job that is vital to the economy. But working on a farm can also be dangerous; in 2013 in Iowa, the agricultural sector (along with forestry, fishing, and hunting areas) saw the largest number of work-related fatalities. What’s more, management occupations had the highest number of fatal work injuries in the state that year, with the majority of those fatally wounded being farmers and ranchers.  Farm and agricultural safety are incredibly critical. Through September 20-26 2015, Iowa will be celebrating National Farm Safety and Health Week.  National Farm Safety and Health Week 2015  National Farm Safety and Health Week seeks to promote awareness about agricultural safety. The theme for this year’s National Farm Safety and Health Week is, ... Read More »

Studies: Workers Who Fear Being Fired after Injury Have Poorer Outcomes

A study conducted by the Workers’ Compensation and Research Institute examined key outcomes achieved by injured workers in Iowa and 11 other states. The study not only found that many workers have a fear of being fired after injury and that this fear may result in a longer rehabilitation period with multiple relapses.  Profile of Injured Workers in Iowa  In Iowa, the study provided a unique profile of injured workers. For example, 29 percent of the injured workers involved in the study were at or nearing retirement age. What’s more, eight percent of injured workers said that they had a different work injury in the two years prior to the study. While the vast majority of employees reported being satisfied with their jobs, 39 percent ... Read More »

Iowa Public Radio Tackles Issue of Hazardous Workplaces in the State

Iowa holds a record that shouldn’t make anyone proud: the state has the highest rate of worker fatalities and injuries in the Midwest. Iowa Public Radio spoke with public health officials, workers, union leaders, and academics to learn more about the problem and what can be done to remedy it.  Why Iowa Ranks So Poorly in Workplace Safety Health Standards  Iowa Public Radio interviewed the Iowa Department of Health’s Kathy Leinenkugel, asking why Iowa ranks so poorly in terms of workplace safety health standards. Leinenkugel replied that one of the reasons had to do with Iowa’s aging workforce and the high numbers of self-employment.  Rather than working for corporations with safety officers, many agricultural and construction crews (two of the most dangerous jobs in the ... Read More »

Can I get workers’ compensation if I was in a car accident while working that another driver caused?

A car accident while working that is caused by another driver gets paid by workers’ compensation or a third-party liability claim. Not all accident types that qualify for workers’ compensation happen at work; instead, some accidents may be caused while the worker is performing a work-related activity, like driving.  When will workers’ compensation pay for damages?  Under Iowa workers’ compensation law, workers’ comp insurance is designed to “provide certain benefits to employees who receive injuries, occupational disease, or occupational hearing loss arising out of and in the course of their employment.” It continues to read that benefits are payable regardless of fault, i.e., the employee will not have to prove the fault of their employer to recover damages.  As such, if an employee is in ... Read More »

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