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Iowa Public Radio Tackles Issue of Hazardous Workplaces in the State

Iowa holds a record that shouldn’t make anyone proud: the state has the highest rate of worker fatalities and injuries in the Midwest. Iowa Public Radio spoke with public health officials, workers, union leaders, and academics to learn more about the problem and what can be done to remedy it.  Why Iowa Ranks So Poorly in Workplace Safety Health Standards  Iowa Public Radio interviewed the Iowa Department of Health’s Kathy Leinenkugel, asking why Iowa ranks so poorly in terms of workplace safety health standards. Leinenkugel replied that one of the reasons had to do with Iowa’s aging workforce and the high numbers of self-employment.  Rather than working for corporations with safety officers, many agricultural and construction crews (two of the most dangerous jobs in the ... Read More »

Can I get workers’ compensation if I was in a car accident while working that another driver caused?

A car accident while working that is caused by another driver gets paid by workers’ compensation or a third-party liability claim. Not all accident types that qualify for workers’ compensation happen at work; instead, some accidents may be caused while the worker is performing a work-related activity, like driving.  When will workers’ compensation pay for damages?  Under Iowa workers’ compensation law, workers’ comp insurance is designed to “provide certain benefits to employees who receive injuries, occupational disease, or occupational hearing loss arising out of and in the course of their employment.” It continues to read that benefits are payable regardless of fault, i.e., the employee will not have to prove the fault of their employer to recover damages.  As such, if an employee is in ... Read More »

4 Common Computer-Related Injuries Office Workers Develop

Office workers and any others that spend a good portion of each day working on the computer are subject to numerous types of repetitive stress injuries or computer-related injuries. Poor posture; non-ergonomic workspace; and sitting hunched over a screen, performing the same movements for hours on end puts added stress and strain on the body.  Our firm handles all types of workers’ compensation claims, including those for employees suffering from computer-related conditions. Below are four of the most common types of occupational injuries they face.  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome  Many people who work on computers develop carpal tunnel syndrome, a condition that affects the hands and wrist. It’s caused by pressure on the median nerve, which begins at the shoulder and runs down the arm, all ... Read More »

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