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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment

Work-related injuries can involve strain associated with repetitive stress over long period’s time. Though many don’t view repetitive stress injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, as severe; they can still significantly impact your job performance  Repetitive stress injuries also affect your ability to enjoy personal activities. The repetitive strain affects soft tissues: muscles, nerves, tendons or ligaments in the back, wrists, hands or other body parts.  Though not limited to just work activities, some routines and repetitive actions often cause people to suffer these injuries at work.  Continuous typing or working at a computer Repeatedly lifting equipment, merchandise or boxes Loading or unloading trucks Repetitive movements on an assembly line  The carpal tunnel syndrome should be treated as early as possible once symptoms appear.  Those ... Read More »

Getting Workers’ Compensation for a Knee Injury in Iowa

A knee injury at work affects much more than your ability to earn a living. It can also lead to costly medical bills. The harm can range from minor to severe sprains to broken bones that can require surgery. In order to understand how to get workers’ compensation for a knee injury, first understand the types of injuries and the effect they have on your ability to earn a living.  Types of Knee Injuries  The most common include:  ACL injury: The anterior cruciate ligament is located in the middle of the knee joint, providing it with stability. It connects the femur to the tibia. If ruptured or torn, depending on the severity, doctors may recommend rest and/or surgery. PCL injury: The posterior cruciate ligament sits behind the ... Read More »

Roofing Injury Risks during the Summer

Roofing workers need to be on guard during the sweltering heat of summer.  Roofing on a warm spring or fall day can be pleasant. But during summer months, it can be akin to working in a blast furnace. In addition to a serious heat-related roofing injury, summertime roofers run the additional risk of skin cancer due to long periods of exposure to the hot summer sun.  According to statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 69 fatalities in the roofing industry in 2010 across the United States. Many more were injured. Below we highlight the dangers of the roofing industry during the summer, as well as some preventative measures that workers can take.  The Dangers of Summer Roofing Work  Roofing contractors and their ... Read More »

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