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To be considered a Des Moines work accident, does it have to be an accident in company vehicle?

If you are in a work-related car accident, it makes no difference whether your accident in company vehicle or your personal vehicle. Car ownership has no bearing on the compensability of the accident under workers’ compensation; rather the determining question is: Were you on the job when the accident occurred?  On-the-Job Car Accidents  If involved in a car accident while on the job – even if you were in your personal car – then your injuries should be compensable under workers’ compensation.  So, what qualifies as being “on the job?” Here are some examples.  You drive for a living, e.g., pizza delivery person Making a delivery for work, e.g., dropping off material at the printer Transporting another employee to a work function Making a bank ... Read More »

Iowa’s Fresh Start Rule: Employers Cannot Deflect Liability for PPD Benefits

There’s been debate in workers’ compensation litigation about whether or not employers can deflect a portion of liability for a worker’s permanent partial industrial disability (PPD) if the worker received PPD at a former job. The Iowa Supreme Court recently issued a decision regarding the matter in the Roberts Dairy vs. Billick appeal. Judge Christopher L. McDonald noted that an employer cannot apportion liability for a worker’s injuries per the “fresh-start rule.”  Employers Cannot Deflect Liability  In the aforementioned case, Judge McDonald provided the definition of the fresh start rule: “[W]hen an employee who has sustained a work-related injury resulting in permanent partial industrial disability begins employment with a new employer, the employee enjoys a renewed earning capacity.”  In other words, when a worker is ... Read More »

Injured Spouse? How You Can Help

For the spouse of a worker injured in an accident in the workplace, the days following the injury are traumatic. If those injuries are serious, it will fall upon you, the spouse, to make sure that your injured spouse gets all the medical care and attention that he or she needs and stay up-to-date on medical bills.  What You Should Know As the Spouse of an Injured Worker  The first thing to remember is that there is a workers’ compensation system in Iowa that will take care of your spouse’s medical bills and other expenses during the term of the injury. These workers’ compensation benefits must begin as soon as the injury occurs.  To qualify for workers’ compensation benefits, however, your spouse must inform the ... Read More »

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