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5 Myths About Workers’ Compensation

Iowa’s Workers’ Compensation Act protects employees in the case that they are exposed to occupational disease (85A), occupational hearing loss (85B), or if they sustain injury (85) during the course of their employment. If you’ve been injured at work and believe you’re entitled to workers’ compensation, make sure you can separate myth from fact by reviewing these workers’ compensation myths before you take any action:  1. Workers’ Compensation Will Pay for Everything  While Iowa statute 85.27 requires workers’ compensation to pay for all medical care required to treat your injury, including transportation costs, workers’ compensation may not cover all damages incurred by your workplace injury. For example, disability benefits are calculated by the employee’s average gross weekly earnings and cannot exceed 80 percent of your ... Read More »

Do I need a doctor’s clearance to return to work after an injury or can I go back when I feel I am okay?

Avoid returning to work against the company doctor’s orders. In fact, your employer may not permit you to return to work unless the doctor has cleared you to perform your work duties or adjusted, light duty tasks. If you wish to return to work but your doctor hasn’t yet cleared you to do so, talk to the physician and let him or her know you would like to try.  It can be tempting to return to work once you believe your injuries have sufficiently healed or you just generally feel better. For instance, you may be anxious that you will lose your job or feeling bored by having to spend time at home. But returning to work can be dangerous if you’re not ready to ... Read More »

What is considered “light duty” work?

“Light duty” is a term used to describe the limitations a doctor may impose on a recovering employee who is returning to work after injury or illness. These restrictions are established to protect a worker’s health and safety and reduce the chances of worsening an occupational injury. Restricted – or light – duties are those that a worker who isn’t at full working capacity can safely perform.  Light duty – also known as “modified duty” – is a term most frequently used in the course of a workers’ compensation claim. You may have the right to request light duty reinstatement from your employer, who may be obligated to provide you with such opportunity.  Many employers will seek to accommodate an injured worker’s request for light ... Read More »

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