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Tenosynovitis: Is your job to blame?

Tenosynovitis can be a debilitating condition that drastically impacts your ability to keep a job, especially if you work as a typist or assembly line worker. The Des Moines Register reported a four-consecutive-month improvement in factory employment in Iowa last year, but if you were not able to work due to tenosynovitis, you may have missed out on the boom.  It may be clear that your tenosynovitis is work related. To be sure you have all the facts, it is important to know what tenosynovitis is and what its major causes are.  Once you have narrowed the cause to your employment, then you’ll want to hire a workman’s comp attorney to counsel you and represent you during the filing of the claim. A work comp ... Read More »

The Hard-Hitting Facts about Myofascial Pain Syndrome

Myofascial pain syndrome affects many Des Moines residents. There are many facilities in the Des Moines area that treat myofascial pain syndrome. If you or someone you love is afflicted by myofascial pain syndrome, you might be wondering what it is, how effective or difficult treatments can be, and when to file workman’s comp if you acquired the condition on the job.  As reported by Skootsky, Jaeger, and Oye in Prevalence of Myofascial Pain in General Internal Medicine Practice, many physicians rarely recognize myofasical pain syndrome in their patients, which can result in misdiagnosis. To be prepared for a visit with your physician, it is best to know what exactly myofascial pain syndrome is, how to recognize it, and what your treatment options are.  What ... Read More »

Does workman’s comp cover heat exhaustion and heat stroke?

Yes, workman’s comp covers heat exhaustion or heat stroke if you suffer the condition during the scope of your employment. Workers may also bring third-party claims against third parties that are liable for their injuries.  For instance, a worker who suffered heat stroke because of defective equipment in a boiler room can possibly bring a third-party claim against the manufacturer of the defective equipment.  But keep in mind that filing a workers’ comp and third-party liability claim can create complex legal situations. Des Moines workers who have suffered injuries as a result of heat exhaustion or heat stroke in the workplace can discuss the specifics of their cases with an attorney.  What benefits may a worker who suffered heat stroke recover?  Workers’ compensation in Iowa ... Read More »

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