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Workers’ Compensation for a Muscle Strain in a Des Moines Workplace

Muscle strains are a common injury. Everyday work duties such as heavy lifting, moving equipment or other routine actions related to job performance can cause a muscle strain. A minor strain may be a slight pull, while a more severe strain may be a torn muscle.  If you’ve experienced a strain at work, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits for your associated medical expenses and/or lost income.  Symptoms of a Muscle Strain & Seeking Medical Attention  After you strain a muscle you might experience some symptoms and be unsure what type of injury you have. Be alert to the following symptoms that could signal you have a strained muscle.  Weakness of the affected muscles Inability to use the affected muscle Pain when you ... Read More »

How to Prove Permanent Total Disability in a Workers’ Compensation Case

The Iowa workers’ compensation program is designed to provide benefits to Des Moines workers who have suffered varying degrees of disability during a workplace accident. A worker who suffered serious and disabling injuries that prevent him or her from working can apply for permanent total disability benefits under the Iowa workers’ compensation laws.  Under the Iowa workers’ compensation program, permanent total disability or PTD occurs when a workplace injury leaves the worker incapable of returning to gainful employment. Employees in this case are likely eligible for PTD benefits. Those benefits will continue as long as the employee remains permanently and totally disabled. Learn more about these benefits and how to prove permanent total disability.  Am I eligible for permanent total disability benefits?  In order to ... Read More »

Work-Related Depression after a Workplace Accident in Des Moines

A Des Moines worker may suffer a number of physical injuries in any workplace accident. He or she may also suffer equally troubling psychological injuries from the experience.  The psychological impact of a workplace accident can include work-related depression for some workers. This can lead to uncertainties about entitlement to workers’ compensation for the added mental effects of the accident. Learn more about depression from work accidents and entitlement to workers’ comp benefits.  Symptoms of Work-related Depression  Symptoms of work-related depression after an accident may vary from one person to the next. There may also be different severities of depression. An injured worker experiencing depression caused by a work accident and injury should seek mental health care.  Below are some symptoms of depression that injured ... Read More »

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