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Roadside Construction Accidents and Collecting Workers’ Compensation

Roadside construction workers have one of the most dangerous jobs in Iowa. Not only do these workers deal with heavy machinery and equipment and handling dangerous tools, they also work around vehicles traveling at high speeds. When a road construction accident happens, the injured worker is eligible for workers’ compensation insurance.  Types of Roadside Construction Injuries  The biggest risk for workers who work in roadside construction zones is the risk of accidents. In fact, in 2010 alone, the Occupational Safety and Healthy Administration reported that there were more than 87,000 crashes in work zones and 37,476 work zone injuries.  An accident involving a roadside construction worker and a motor vehicle can lead to multiple injury types. Some of these injury types are listed below.  Crush ... Read More »

Power Tool Injury at Work

Despite their commonplace nature, power tools can be extremely dangerous when defective or when used improperly. A worker who suffers a power tool injury resulting from a workplace accident could be a candidate for workers’ compensation benefits.  Most Dangerous Power Tools  There are dozens of different power tools, but some are more dangerous than others. Some of the most dangerous power tools used in construction today include the following listed below.  Nail guns Table saws Chainsaws Circular saws Power drills Air compressors  These tools can cause serious and fatal injuries instantaneously when even the tiniest error is made.  Injuries Caused by Power Tools  The most obvious type of injury that a power tool can cause is an amputation or laceration injury, particularly when dealing with ... Read More »

Can I receive workers’ compensation if I reinjure a pre-existing condition or injury?

Workers’ compensation insurance can be a fantastic financial resource for a worker injured on the job. However, if your workplace injury was a re-injury of a pre-existing condition or injury, workers’ compensation can be more complicated.  Here’s what you need to know in a nutshell: workers’ compensation, pre-existing condition or no, should be distributed to an employee who is hurt while performing his or her job in an appropriate manner. Let’s delve into some specifics.   Worsening of Pre-existing Condition  An employer is responsible for an employee’s injuries, assuming that an on-the-job task caused the injury. As such, a company is not responsible for paying for a pre-existing condition unless a task required by the employee’s job worsens the pre-existing condition.  To sum it up, either ... Read More »

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