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Protective Footwear for Work: Protecting Feet Around Sharp Objects and Heavy Machinery

Construction workers and other workers who work around sharp objects and heavy machinery are at a high risk of being involved in an accident and sustaining a work-related injury. One thing that can be paramount in preventing injuries on the job is wearing the property safety equipment. If you’re a worker who works around heavy objects, machinery, or sharp objects, it’s important that you wear protective footwear for work to protect your feet.  Types of Workplace Foot Injuries & Accidents That Cause Them  A foot injury can be extremely painful and can cause permanent injury that impairs a person’s ability to work, walk or perform other activities. Some injuries that may occur in the workplace include:  electrical shocks. punctures to the sole of the foot. ... Read More »

Understanding the First Report of Injury in Your Work Injury Case

Every year, Des Moines workers are involved in work-related accidents of varying severity, and some develop illnesses or injuries due to repeated exposure to work conditions. But whatever the nature of a work injury or illness, workers are entitled to workers’ compensation as provided by Iowa state law. This pays for medical treatment and provides disability benefits.  There are several steps to recovering fair workers’ comp benefits, though. One of the most important parts of a work injury case is notifying the employer of the injury and the employer filing a First Report of Injury (FROI) form. For more information on what a FROI is and why it’s important in a work injury case, read on.  What is a workers’ comp First Report of Injury?  ... Read More »

How to Relieve Sore Feet after Work

Foot pain is a common condition that can affect all age groups and demographics. Common ailments are pain in the arch, sole, ankle, toes or heels.  Pain in the feet can be related to a variety of factors.  aging. ailments like diabetes. mineral deficiencies. bad shoes. or, excessive walking or standing.  If your job duties require you to spend long hours or to do a lot of walking throughout the day, you may experience foot pain as a result. Knowing how to relieve sore feet after work can help alleviate the pain and discomfort after a long day of standing or walking.  However if your pain is persistent or severe, your family doctor or a podiatrist should be consulted for possible medical intervention.  Ways to ... Read More »

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