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Success for Teens Book Inspires Attorney to Make a Difference in Teens’ Lives

Attorney Corey Walker is making a positive impact in teens’ lives and helping them strive for brighter futures. Walker read the SUCCESS for Teens book after learning of it in SUCCESS magazine. The book helps young people set goals and chart paths to accomplish them. He was so impressed by the book’s message that he read it with his own teenagers and started an outreach program for teens in the Des Moines area based on the book.  About SUCCESS for Teens  The easy-to-read book provides kids with principles and guidelines that give them an edge in life. It guides them through steps to create goals in each aspect of their lives, offers encouragement and real-life examples, and serves as a major source of inspiration.  Executive ... Read More »

Common Work Injuries in Winter in Des Moines

Snowy, icy conditions and cold winter weather can increase risk for workplace injury. Serious slip and fall accidents, cold-related injuries, and snow shoveling injuries are not uncommon in areas with cold winter climates, such as Des Moines. Both employers and workers should take extra safety precautions to reduce the risk of mishaps.  Below we discuss some of the most common work injuries in winter, as well as a few basic tips for avoiding them.  Slips and Falls  Adverse weather in cold climates means ice, slush, snow, sleet, and freezing rain. This makes for slippery roads, walkways, and parking lots. Plus, when workers walk in and out of the building, snow and slush get dragged in, causing puddles on the floors; a recipe for a slip ... Read More »

Federal Black Lung Program for Iowa Coal Miners with Black Lung Disease – Program Faces Controversy

Workers employed in coal mines in Iowa and who developed black lung disease (pneumoconiosis) as a result may recover federal benefits through a black lung program via the federal Black Lung Benefits Act (BLBA). If you have black lung disease due to your employment in a coal mine in Iowa, you too may be able to qualify for benefits under the BLBA.  Meanwhile, controversy surrounds the program because some argue that a doctor hired by the coal industry has harmed many miners’ claims.  Understanding the Black Lung Benefits Act  The BLBA provides a monthly benefit amount to those who developed black lung disease from employment in a coal mine. Monthly benefits also may be paid to a victim’s survivors in the case that the worker ... Read More »

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